Informations de garantie

Warranty for Ford Performance Parts


A. Content and Conditions

Ford of Britain (Ford) guarantees that all original Ford parts purchased through this website ( will be delivered without material or manufacturing defects. Depending on the component, the warranty covers a period of between 1 and 6 years from date of purchase, with Part and Warranty Duration details given in Table A below. Components that fail as a result of a material or manufacturing defect will be replaced free of charge. No payment will be made towards the cost of labour, except where the vehicle is repaired by a Ford Dealer, and in such cases the parts and labour costs will be covered by this Warranty.

The following table identifies the warranty terms for parts purchased through this website.


All parts, other than those noted below 1 year/unlimited distance
Scheduled maintenance items (including timing belt) 1 year or next due scheduled replacement, whichever occurs first
Alarms, clutch assemblies, economy exhausts and shock absorbers 2 years/unlimited distance
Original equipment exhausts [including catalytic converters and coated DPF (coated lifetime converter)], batteries and ignition lead sets 3 years/unlimited distance
Sheet metal/body panels 6 years/unlimited distance


Note : The warranty for sheet metal or body panels covers manufacturing or material defects only.

Parts fitted by a Ford Authorised Dealer
The warranty start date for parts purchased through this website and fitted by a Ford Authorised Dealer is the date on which the part was fitted by the Ford Authorised Dealer. Parts purchased through this website and fitted by a Ford Authorised Dealer will be covered for both parts and labour should the part subsequently fail due to a manufacturing or material defect.


B. Exclusions
Excluded from this Warranty are:
Part failures due to:
Installation which does not, in Ford’s opinion, follow Ford’s repair Standards and Instructions
Improper use or use in Motorsport
Other part influence
Normal wear and tear.
Any associated vehicle recovery costs
Costs for any consequential damage which is not directly related to the failure of the part.
Claims for compensation for indirect damage (eg damage due to loss of time, transport equipment, inconvenience
Claims for reduction or cancellation of the purchase contract


C. Warranty Processing

If a defect is found to be remedied under this warranty please contact our Customer Service team by email Registration of warranty claims through an authorized Ford Dealer is not permissible.

Ford of Britain reserves the right, under the guarantee, to request the return of the affected parts in order to check these parts for the existence of a possible warranty claim. If you fail to return a component requested for testing, the warranty claim will be rejected as unfounded.

If a warranty claim is confirmed after the test, the component concerned will either be repaired by an authorized Ford service facility or replaced free of charge. In some cases, however, it may be possible for the authorized Ford Service Company to request payment. In these cases, legitimate warranty claims are subject to a subsequent refund. 


D. Special instructions

Claims under this warranty become statute-barred within 6 months from the time you are aware of the complaint. The guarantee is a voluntary promise of Ford of Britain. This or the use of benefits under the warranty will not limit your statutory liability for defects.


E. Non-Ford Branded Parts and Accessories

Parts which are not branded by Ford are not covered by any Ford warranty. These parts are clearly identified in the website. Details of any warranty offered on those parts by the supplier will be included within the packaging they are supplied.


The table below identifies the warranty duration for non-Ford branded parts and accessories purchased through this website: 
Warranty Duration
ACV 1 year
Aeroklas 2 years
allsafe Jungfalk 2 years
ARP 2 years
Axion 2 years
Bosch 2 years
Bott 2 years
Brink 2 years
Britax Roemer 2 years
Bury 2 years
ClimAir 1 year
Connects2 1 year
cyber-Wear 1 year
DanTracker 2 years
Delignit 2 years
Dension 1 year
Duxback 2 years
EGR 2 years
Eibach 2 years
G3 2 years
Garmin 1 year
Herpa 3 years
HDD 1 year
K&K 2 years
Kalff 2 years
MontBlanc 2 years
Mountune 1 year / 12,000 miles
Mountain Top 1 year
NLG 3 years
Navco 1 year
Nolden 2 years
Osram 1 year
Parrot 1 year
Pioneer 1 year
Polytec 2 years
Qtech 2 years
Rati 3 years
Recaro 4 years
Remus 2 years
Retainagroup 1 year
Rhino 1 year
Rhino-Rack 2 years
Rival 2 years
Sheriff 2 years
Sortimo 3 years
STC 1 year
Style-X 1 year
Thule 1 year
TomTom 1 year
TVL 1 year
Uebler 1 year
Wölfle 3 years
Xvision 3 years